Shock City Studios 2019 Lobby

Shock City knows that flexibility, inspiration, privacy and functionality are crucial to our customers. The studios are thoughtfully arranged within an artistic 5,200 square feet layout, making it the largest recording facility in the region. They have a secure entry, extensive soundproofing and frosted glass doors to ensure privacy and limit distractions. The lounge, kitchen, conference room and studios comfortably accommodate large recording groups, while the staff is happy to provide concierge service for specific needs.



Perched on the mezzanine level, the kitchen offers breathtaking views of the artist lounge below. Guests are welcome to bring their own food, or they can request meal delivery through the accommodating staff. The kitchen features a spacious countertop, cozy café tables, a refrigerator, an ice machine, a microwave, and complimentary coffee, tea, and Monster Energy drinks to keep you fueled for a productive day. And for those looking for culinary adventures, a popular local restaurant EGG is located just downstairs, waiting to tempt your taste buds. At Shock City Studios, they believe that great music and great food go hand in hand, so come and feast both your ears and your taste buds!


Step into the warm and inviting embrace of Shock City Studios Artist Lounge, a tranquil haven designed to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Sink into comfortable sofas, bask in the mellow lighting, and let the stress of the day slip away.

Whether you need to check messages, catch up on emails, or just take a moment to recharge, Shock City Studios Lounge is the perfect place to do so. With its drink station and complimentary coffee and tea, you’ll have everything you need to refresh and renew your energy.

“My stay was comfortable and I felt quite relaxed to create and get my ideas out. I’d recommend this studio hands down.”

~ Caleb H.