Shock City Studios is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and guests during the Covid-19 outbreak. Shock City Studios is in full compliance of the guidelines spelled out the City of St. Louis’ Guidance for Business Office Operating Protocols in the City of St. Louis. In addition, Shock City’s landlord, 2200 Gravois Leasing LLC, has verified that the building is in full compliance of the City’s Guidance for Commercial Office Buildings Operating Protocols. Here are some of the most important safety protocols and technology that Shock City has implemented:


Shock CIty Studios Common Area Mask

All employees and guests are screened before they enter the facility

  • Employees fill out and sign a Daily Employee Health Screening Form.
  • All employees and guests are required to wear masks at all times. Masks are provided for guests who don’t have one in their possession.
  • Staff and guests are required to sanitize their hands before entering the facility and maintain proper social distancing.
  • If guests are showing symptoms of a respiratory illness or admit to symptoms, they will not be able to enter the facility. They will be allowed to reschedule their session to a future date or will be given a full refund of their deposit.

Cleaning protocols and technology implemented to maintain hygiene

  • Shock City staff disinfect all touchable surfaces with a commercial grade disinfectant in the studios and vocal booths before every session and also disinfect them after each session.
  • All touchable surfaces in the common area are disinfected each night.
  • Engineers wear facial coverings at all times.
  • Studio A, Studio B, Live Room and the Common Area are all detached from each other and have their own rooftop H/VAC unit.
  • UV Sanitizing wands are available to additionally sanitize keyboards, computer peripherals and studio equipment knobs.
  • Hand sanitizing stations and pumps are available at each entrance, in every room, and hanging in the hallways.
Shock CIty Studios Covid-19 Signage
Shock CIty Studios Wash Your Hands


All staff, engineers and musicians will be required to wear face masks while in Shock City Studios common areas. Masks are not required in the Live Room and their use in Studio A and Studio B are up to the discretion of the engineer working in the room.