You’ve taken painstaking efforts to have your songs recorded, but lack the mixing skills of a seasoned audio engineer to really get the most out of your material. Maybe you live hours from the closest studio and are tired of making the drive. What do you do? Let Shock City Studios mix your material! By basing this service solely online and by utilizing unattended mixing sessions we can quickly and efficiently get you a finished product that you can be proud of.


Online Mixing
  1. E-mail with the subject “Online Mixing” and describe what you would like done in the mix. Provide listening examples if you have a certain sound you would like (Ex. the snare sound in this song). We’re going to mix your song to a professional standard, using what guidelines you provide. You should also say how many mixes or versions of the mix you need in this e-mail (instrumental, show mix, acapella, radio edits, etc.).
  2. Submit your files to We prefer ProTools sessions, but you can also consolidate the tracks and send the files as .wavs. We accept most online transfer services (dropbox, box, wetransfer, etc.).
  3. Once we have the session in our hands we will evaluate how much work will need to be done to mix the song. At that point we will send you a quote via e-mail that you can either approve or deny.
  4. Upon quote approval payment will be due. We accept paypal or you can call the studio with credit card information at (314) 771-3099. The mixing process starts as soon as payment is finalized.
  5. Within 7-10 business days your final mix will be returned to you via an online transfer service. You will receive a CD quality .wav file (16bit/44.1kHz) for listening as well as a full fidelity copy (24bit/source sample rate). Each version of the mix will be sent as both file types.
  6. At this point you have 7 days to ask for mix revisions (the snare is too loud, that guitar tone is too piercing, etc.). All revision requests can be directed to
    – Note that revisions will only be accepted as one list from the contact email that submitted the tracks to be mixed.
  7. Interested in mastering? Let us know and we can get you taken care of. Mastering services are usually done within 2-3 business days and also entitles you to one revision within 7 days. Final masters are delivered in CD quality (16bit/44.1kHz) and full fidelity (24bit/source sample rate).


Ok, so everything sounds great, but how much does it cost? Fair enough. Use the Online Mixing Estimator below to calculate a rough cost for your project.


These prices (excluding mastering) are based on songs 5 minutes or less. Any song over 5 minutes is an additional $50 per minute of material.

  • Sessions with 1-16 tracks start at $200.
  • Sessions with 17-32 tracks start at $300.
  • Vocal tuning is $30 per track.
  • Drum editing is $50 flat fee for 3 minutes. Each additional minute is $15.
  • Each additional mix is $15.
    Instrumental, Show Mix, Radio Edit, Acapella, etc.
  • Mastering is $50 per track


  • Within 24-hours is 100% increase in cost. (Double)
  • Within 48-hours is 50% increase in cost.
  • Within 72-hours is 25% increase in cost.


  • 1-2 songs is standard price.
  • 3-5 songs is a 6.25% discount.
  • 6+ songs is a 12.5% discount.